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Groundswell is born out of a desire to deconstruct the traditional painting format and expand its presentation into installations and sculptures that re-frame historical art tropes such as odalisques, the connection between women and flowers, still lifes, landscapes, and decorative filigree. I remove my canvases from their wooden stretcher bars and cut, fold, drape, pin or sew them into undulating forms. As the paintings expand beyond their two-dimensional format, so do their framing devices. My inclination to work intuitively informs their evolution as I cull fragments of other art projects, augmenting them with hobbyist materials like glitter, diamond dots, craft paint, and plaster.
Central to my process is clay and its historical associations – particularly regarding porcelain objects of the 18th Century. Working between paint and clay has led me to contemplate the discussion of art versus craft among other social divisions within hierarchies in the art world.
Read the full thesis, Groundswell, here.

Triumph Platter
acrylic paint, cone 6 ceramics
15" x 5"
Triumph Vase
Cone 6 Ceramics, diamond dot beads
26" x 9.75"
Triumph Vase with Groundswell
Ceramic, canvas, oil and acrylic
approx 144" wide
plaster, wood, canvas, acrylic paint
approx. 14" x 14" x 4"
oil painting with ceramic objects
approx 32" x 30"
Dazzle Camo
plaster, wood, canvas, acrylic, paper, ink, diamond dot beads
14" x 18" x 4"
Ceramic vase on pedestal with canvas tapestries decorated with acrylic paint, charcoals, diamond dot beads
Approx. 100" x 100" x 36"
Fragment I. abd Fragment II.
canvas, acrylic paint, wood, staples
Approx. 60" x 95"
History Tangle
Wood stretcher bars, wood panel, ink, acrylic paint, plaster, glitter, canvas, staples, nails, glue, wire, screws
Approx. 48" x 55" x 30"
Rolling Out in the Deep Blue Sky and Idyll Landscape
Oil and acrylic paint, canvas, thread, 2022 and 2023.
Studio Tableau / Arrangement of Objects to Ornament a Studio Practice
Water Bowls for Brushes, Glitter Shakers, Palette, Vase for Brushes, Paint Shells, Thumbtack Bowl, Cup for Staples from Deconstructed Paintings, Long Blue Painting, Cloudswell (graphite on plaster) Glazed cone 6 ceramics, acrylic paint, brushes, canvas, p
Approx. 60" x 100"