• My paintings are gestural impressions of the landscape of shared spaces and historical events. I'm interested in conveying the unique personality of a particular group of people at a given moment and I emphasize the vacillating moments between figures and their environment using saturated colors and concentrated brushwork – sometimes completely obliterating the edges of forms so that they are no longer discernible.

    I am attracted to the carnal aspect of mark-making and the way the viscosity of acrylic and oil paint contributes to a work’s narrative - the foreboding quality of a drip or the puddling of paint on canvas, for example. I prefer to retain the glitches, spills, and “mistakes” that I encounter in my process rather than correct them or cover them up. My work is strongly determined by the landscape and location that my body is in when I make it.

    In tandem with my regular studio practice, I produce public projects that investigate the shifting periphery between individual and the community.

    For more information about my studio practice and projects please visit my blog.

    Ursula Gullow is a visual artist who has had a dedicated practice to painting for over fifteen years. Gullow was a recipient of the North Carolina Regional Artist Project Grant in 2009 and Penland School of Craft's Williams and Womble Scholarship in 2014. Venues for her solo exhibitions include PUSH Gallery in Asheville, NC, Malcolm E. Blowers Gallery at UNC in Asheville, and Anthology Film Archives in New York City. Her paintings are exhibited at Haen Gallery in downtown Asheville.

    Gullow's paintings have been shown nationally at galleries including Rosalux Gallery in Minneapolis, MN, Aiden Savoy Gallery & Jack the Pelican in NYC, and Bickett Gallery in Raleigh, NC. Regionally she has exhibited at The Asheville Art Museum, Greenville Art Museum and Hickory Art Museum in North Carolina. Gullow was an artist-in-residence with The Gil-Society in Akureyri, Iceland in 2005 and at Spark Box Studio in Picton, Canada in August, 2016. In July 2017 she was the featured PNC Pop-in resident artist at Artspace in Raleigh, NC.

    Gullow teaches painting and design classes at A-B Technical Community College and was named "Outstanding Continuing Education Instructor of 2014." She is actively involved in the local arts community as board chair for The Media Arts Project. Gullow has written numerous articles about art for regional publications including The Mountain Xpress and Bold Life Magazine. She produced a television series about artists for the WNC public access community television station, URTV until 2008.

    "Her most recent series of work showcases her talent for combining
    the abstract and the representational - accessibility with
    visual intrigue." Joanne O'Sullivan, BoldLife Magazine

    "The images are emotionally arresting, flecked by joy but shadowed by
    something decidedly uneasy." Melanie Bianchi, Verve Magazine

    "Every brushstroke crescendos with energy. Her color choices are
    vibrant, her narratives open-ended." Connie Bostic, Mountain Xpress

    "The finest of her work is simultaneously folksy, epic and
    quietly revolutionary." Douglas Vuncannon, Indyweek.com

    Ursula Gullow's paintings can be viewed at The Haen Gallery in Asheville, NC.